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New Technology

The expansion of low cost satellite communications now makes it possible to monitor water resources at the “fringes” of agriculture. With satellites overhead any remote water source can be monitored from your kitchen or ranch office for a low monthly cost.


In our travels and explorations across our beautiful American landscape we often come across cattle grazing in remote mountain and desert areas that can take up to half a day of travel to reach, often requiring multiple modes of transportation including trucks, trailers, ATVs and horses.


A good stockman probably needs to check on the health of the herd regularly. But wouldn’t it be nice to confirm on a daily basis that your valuable stock is well watered? With a remote water monitor and low cost satellite, cellular or radio communications you can confirm that adequate water levels are available to your remote herds.

  • Rugged Design

    The ranch water level monitoring system has a rugged design to be used with troughs, ponds, water tanks, and other water storage assets.

  • No Moving Parts

    The monitor has no moving parts that can be damaged by cattle, algae, or scale.

  • Cellular or Satellite Communications

    Remote monitoring is available whether your cattle are within cellular range or in remote areas with no cellular coverage.

  • Mobile/Desktop App

    Get updates on your water resources on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. See a demo version here

  • Minimal Assembly

    Each unit is equipped with a threaded pole mount and base plate. Just stand and secure the unit by your trough or other water resource and place the sensor in the water. As soon as your unit is powered you will begin receiving level updates through the app.

Data plans come in the following:

  • 2-Hour Cellular - $15.95 / month
  • 1-Hour Cellular - $17.95 / month
  • 2-Hour Satellite - $19.95 / month
  • 1-Hour Satellite - $22.95 / month

The following is included with each purchase:

  • The Ranch-Water monitoring unit
  • Solar panel and charger
  • Monitoring unit battery
  • Pole mount
  • Mounting plate

Not Included

  • Water trough

Delivery & installation services available on select rural routes. Please contact us for eligibility.